Monday, 5 April 2010

Website problems and latest news

As regular visitors to the Rutland Ospreys website will know, we are currently having some technical difficulties with the site (and also the Rutland Water Nature Reserve site). Rest assured that we are doing our best to solve them, but in the meantime we'll be posting all the latest news from the project on this temporary blog.

5R has been present at the Manton Bay nest throughout the Easter weekend, providing fantastic views for hundreds of visitors to the Lyndon reserve. He has caught several fish within sight of the hides at Lyndon, so the reserve is well worth a visit at the moment!

Elsewhere, last year's breeding female returned to the Site B nest (on private land) on Sunday morning. She is already looking very settled with 03(97) and the female who was present for several days last week has, rather predictably, moved on. 32(05) has again remained absent from the Lagoon 4 nest, meaning the Lyndon reserve is still the best place to see Ospreys if you are planning a trip to Rutland Water in the next few days. The reserve is signposted off the minor road between Manton and Edith Weston on the south shore of Rutland Water.

More news and photos to follow during the week.