Friday, 4 February 2011

Brief Senegal news & photos from week one

Just heard from Tim. The internet connection has gone down so news of the second week in Senegal may not be posted until Wednesday when Tim, John and Paul are back in the UK. There is one bit of news though, the team today found one of the 2007 Lake District birds at Djoudj with a white/black ring YU. So close to being one of our Rutland birds.

Here are a great selection of photos from week one courtesy of Osprey volunteer Lorna Burger.

Osprey from Tanji Beach

Caspian Tern on Bijoli Island

Grey Headed Gull on Bijoli Island

Caspian Terns on Bijoli Island

White-Faced Scops Owl

Lesser Blue-Eared Glossy Starling

Little Bee-Eater

Hooded Vulture

Pearl-Spotted Owlet

Crested Eagle